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Croatian Employment Service
Central office
Radnička cesta 1
10000 Zagreb

Call Center 01 6444 000
Telephone +385 1 6126 000
Fax  + 385 1 6126 038 

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Last change: 16.09.2015.


A suspicion of Irregularities or Fraud associated with the use of IPA Funding could be reported to:

1. Irregularity Officers of the Croatian Employment Service:
- Lidija Korabek, tel. 01/612-6081, e-mail:
- Gordan Carević. tel. 01/612-6066, e-mail:
Address: Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje, Središnja služba, Radnička c. 1, 10000 Zagreb;

2.  Ministry of Finance managed by Service for Combating Irregularities and Fraud, e-mail:;

3. OLAF – European Anti-Fraud Office, e-mail: 
fax: +32-2-2960853.

More information on the system of combating irregularities and fraud in the use of EU Funds can be found on the web page of the Department for Combating Irregularities and Fraud within the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia:
- OLAF – European Anti-Fraud Office: