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Last change: 23.02.2018.

Entitlements and obligations

The entitlements and obligations of unemployed persons are regulated by the Act on Employment Mediation and Unemployment Entitlements (Official Gazette No. 16/17). This Act draws on the so-called labour legislation, and its purpose is to contribute to the efficient functioning of the labour market and creating the necessary legal foundation to ensure an adequate level of social security for the unemployed. All workers with concluded employment contracts as well as persons engaged in an independent activity are insured on a mandatory basis for the case of unemployment and on that basis they are insured according to the pension insurance provisions. This insurance is provided on the principle of solidarity.
  • entitlement to financial assistance and reimbursement of expenses during education and training period
  • entitlement to financial assistance and reimbursement of expenses incurred during vocational training without commencing employment
  • extended pension insurance beneficiaries are entitled to financial assistance based on the fixed-term employment contract for permanent seasonal jobs;
  • entitlement to one-time financial assistance and reimbursement of travel and relocation expenses
  • entitlement to pension insurance if a person has been granted a right to unemployment benefits and meets the age requirement for old-age pension, and misses no more than 5 years of service for old-age pension
  • entitlement to unemployment benefits (at least 9 months of employment in the last 24 months; registration with the HZZ and submitting a claim for unemployment benefits within the legally prescribed deadline)
  • regular contacts with an employment counsellor at the appointed times
  • attending individual counselling sessions
  • drafting a professional job search plan with an assistance of employment counselor and adhering to the activities from the plan
  • submitting applications to employers and applying to job vacancies;
  • being available for work and accepting invitations of the HZZ for employment preparation activities and employment at the times established in the professional plan
  • carrying out activities in order to prepare oneself for employment: participation in group counseling - workshops aimed at developing active job search skills and participation in the professional selection - selection for a specific job or training.