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Last change: 21.08.2015.


EURES is a network of public employment services of the Member States of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, coordinated by the European Commission. The EURES network was launched in 1993 as an instrument to improve geographical and professional mobility of the workforce in the European labour market.

The purpose of the EURES is to provide information, counselling and employment mediation services (job-matching) to employers and jobseekers, but also to all citizens who believe that they could benefit from the principle of free movement of persons.

More than 900 EURES counsellors are in contact with employers and jobseekers across Europe on a daily basis. EURES counsellors are trained specialists who provide three basic EURES services: information, guidance and mediation between employers and jobseekers in the European labour market. They possess specialized knowledge about the practical, legal and administrative requirements related to mobility at national and European level. They work within a public employment service of each member country, or within other partner organizations in the EURES network.

The objectives of the EURES are to promote the development of a single European labour market open to all workers of the EU Member States; to promote inter-state, inter-regional and cross-border exchange of job vacancies and job applications, as well as transparency and exchange of information on the respective national/regional labour markets, living conditions, education, and statistical methodology and indicators.

More information about the living and working opportunities in the area of the European Economic Area and Switzerland can be found on the EURES portal, the central source of information on professional mobility.

With Croatia’s accession to the European Union, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje has become part of the European Network of Public Employment Services (EURES), and thus employment mediation services in other EU member countries became available to Croatian citizens. You can find information on EURES in Croatia in the category EURES contacts in Croatia.
EURES in cross-border areas

In European cross-border regions with heavy cross-border commuter flows on a daily basis, the EURES has an important role in providing information and assistance in solving all kinds of problems related to cross-border commuting that workers and employers might be faced with. More than 600,000 people living in one EU country and working in another are confronted with different national practices and legal systems, as well as with administrative, legal or tax obstacles to mobility on a daily basis. EURES counsellors in these areas provide specific advice and guidance on the entitlements and obligations of workers living in one country and working in another.

There are currently 20 EURES cross-border partnerships, geographically spread across Europe in 13 countries. In order to meet the need for information and coordination related to the mobility of the labour force in border regions, these partnerships combine the services of public employment authorities and vocational guidance, employers' organizations and trade unions, local authorities and other institutions dealing with employment and vocational guidance.

EURES cross-border partnerships are precious contact points between employment policies makers - both at the regional and national level - and social partners. They are also an important supervisory tool of cross-border employment areas, which are key elements in the development of a genuine European labour market.

More information about cross-border partnerships can be found on the EURES portal.