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Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is an instrument covering the period 2007-2013 which has replaced the CARDS, Phare, ISPA and SAPARD programmes. The main goals of the IPA programme are to provide assistance to candidate countries and potential candidate countries in harmonization and implementation of the EU acquis communautaire and preparation for use of the structural funds.

The Republic of Croatia has been a beneficiary of the IPA programme since 2007 until it's accession to the EU. Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds is responsible for overall coordination of the IPA programme in the Republic of Croatia, while the Ministry of Finance is responsible for overall financial management.

The IPA programme is made up of the following five components:

  1. IPA I – Transition Assistance and Institution Building
  2. IPA II - Cross-Border Cooperation
  3. IPA III – Regional Development
  4. IPA IV – Human Resources Development
  5. IPA V – Rural Development

Component IV of the IPA programme supports measures directed at promoting employment, education and social inclusion and; as a predecessor to the European Social Fund, finances projects in the field of social cohesion aimed to achieve objective set out in the European Employment Strategy. The ultimate goal of IPA Component IV is to prepare Croatia for a satisfactory level of absorption of funds from the European Social Fund. Through Component IV of the IPA, the ESF does not just prepare the state and public institutions, but also a wide range of potential beneficiaries, such as local and regional authorities, civil society organizations, social partners and others.

The European Commission has earmarked the Republic of Croatia EUR 95,04 million for the implementation of IPA Component IV in the period 2007-2013. Partial funding is intended for the building of institutional capacity in the form of service contracts. Through the allocation of grant awards a wide range of beneficiaries finance projects in the area of employment, education and social inclusion. In our database projects, you can find the projects funded through the IPA Component IV, which are being implemented in the Republic of Croatia.

The most important document that provides the ability to finance projects in the field of human resources development through IPA Component IV is called the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013. More about the OP can be found here or you can download it here.

Operational Programme Human Resource Development consists of the following priority axes and measures:

Priority Axis 1 Enhancing access to employment and sustainable inclusion in the labour market
Measure 1.1 Supporting the design and implementation of active and preventative labour market policy
Measure 1.2 Supporting the effectiveness and quality of Croatia's public employment services
Priority Axis 2 Reinforcing social inclusion of people at a disadvantage
Measure 2.1 Supporting access to employment by disadvantaged groups
Measure 2.2 Supporting access to education by disadvantaged groups
Measure 2.3 Development of social services to improve employment opportunities
Priority Axis 3 Enhancing human capital and employability
Measure 3.1 Further development of the Croatian Qualifications Framework
Measure 3.2 Strengthening the provision of Adult Learning
Measure 3.3 Supporting the quality and effectiveness of institutions responsible for policy design and provision of education and training
Priority Axis 4 Technical assistance
Measure 4.1 Project preparation
Measure 4.2 Programme  management and capacity building
Priority Axis 5 Strengthening management capacity of the civil society 
Measure 5.1 Promotion of social dialogue
Measure 5.2 Strengthening the role of the civil society organizations in economic growth and democratic development

Financial allocation by priorities:


Award notices for all 4 lots of project 'CES Services To clients: Improving Lifelong Career Guidance and ICT Support' published

Service contract Award notice 'Support to the Social Welfare Sector in the Process of Further Deinstitutionalisation of Social Services' published.

Award notice for the grant scheme 'Improving Access to Sustainable Employment of Long-term Unemployed Highly Educated Persons' published.

Award notice for the grant scheme 'Youth in the labour market' published.

Updated Contract Award notice for the grant scheme 'Fostering effective inclusion of the persons with disabilities into the labour market'  published.

Updated Contract Award notice for the grant scheme 'Establishing Support in Social Integration and Employment of Disadvantaged and Marginalized Groups' published.

Award notice for the grant scheme 'Local Partnerships for Employment - Phase 3' published.