Third country nationals

Information for non-EU/EEA citizens
Temporary residence is granted to citizens of a third, i.e. non-EU country who intend to stay, or are staying, in the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of:
You must submit an application for a temporary residence permit to the Croatian diplomatic mission abroad. The application can also be submitted to the police authority/station near your intended
place of residence or work, or the place where your employer is based.
Highly skilled workers from third countries can submit their applications for a residence and work
permit to a Croatian diplomatic mission abroad or to the police authority/station in their place of
work/residence. A residence and work permit (“EU Blue Card”) is issued for a period of up to two years.

Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Registration as an unemployed with the Croatian Employment Service

A third country national whose employment in Croatia has been terminated without his fault or consent, is unemployed and has been granted a temporary stay in the Republic of Croatia, can apply to be registered with the Croatian Employment Service in order to apply for unemployment benefit.  
Unemployed foreigner registers with the Regional Office in place of temporary residence.
By utilization of unemployment benefit, or after a temporary stay permit expires, a person can no longer be in the records of the Office.

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Basic Information for the Integration of Aliens into Croatian Society / GUIDE A L’INTEGRATION: informations de base pour intégration des étrangers dans la société Croate
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