OFFICE FOR FINANCING AND CONTRACTING OF EU PROJECTS (CES OFC) within Croatian Employment Service was established by the Decision of the Managing Board on July 27th 2007. It acted as Implementing Body within IPA Component IV ''Human Resources Development''. 

After 1 July 2013, the Republic of Croatia, as a full member state, has access to the European Social Fund (ESF) as the main instrument of the European Union aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship, assisting employees in finding better jobs and establishing equitable opportunities for all EU citizens during their employment.

In the framework of the ESF program, CES OFC participates in the implementation of the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development 2007-2013" as Intermediary body Level 2. 

Operational structure responsible for managing and implementing the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" are:
Role of CES OFC, acting as Intermediary body Level 2, is contracting and monitoring of contract implementation for projects in the field of employment and social inclusion.
Activities which Office performs consist of contracting, monitoring of project implementation and disbursement of EU financial assets to the contractor, who satisfies all tender criteria, who was evaluated to be the most favourable in financial aspect and is therefore selected for financing.

In implementation of ESF Programme CES OFC deals with Grant an Technical Assistance contracts.   

Mision of CES OFC is to contribute to Human Resources Development in Croatia by efficiently and effectively managing EU funds aimed at increasing employment and strengthening social cohesion.

STRUCTURE OF THE OFFICE is defined with Amendments on the Ordinance on the Internal Organisation of the Croatian Employment Service from August 2013.

The Office consists of:
     • Tender Preparation and Contract Implementation Service
     • Tender Evaluation and Contracting Service
     • Finance and Accounting Service
     • Quality Assurance Service